Can Egypt become the new China? The accidental benefits of currency devaluation

Economic events, such as the recent devaluation of Egypt’s currency, can send shockwaves far beyond national borders. While such a change might initially seem like a challenge, could it actually unlock unexpected opportunities for Egypt’s manufacturing sector and spark broader economic transformation?  With businesses around the world, especially those in the UK, rethinking their strategies […]

Can Egypt Be The Manufacturing Hub for UK Brands?

In recent years, and due to some difficult financial conditions, Egypt has emerged as a burgeoning manufacturing hub, attracting businesses looking to reduce their manufacturing cost. With its strategic location, cost-effectiveness, and skilled workforce, the country offers a plethora of advantages for UK brands in Egypt considering expansion and competing in a global market. Let […]

The Dawn of Digital Health Innovations in the Middle East: A New Era of Medical Excellence

Digital Health Innovations in the Middle East

The Middle East is on the cusp of a healthcare revolution, with digital innovations leading the charge towards a future where medical care is more accessible, efficient, and advanced than ever before. As medical tourism flourishes, nations like the UAE and Saudi Arabia are at the forefront, embracing cutting-edge technologies to meet the growing demand […]

The Rise of Renewable Energy in Saudi Arabia: A New Frontier for UK Business Expansion

The Rise of Renewable Energy in Saudi Arabia: A New Frontier for UK Business Expansion

Saudi Arabia’s landscape, rich in oil, is also revealing a significant potential for renewable energy. This shift towards sustainability offers substantial opportunities for UK businesses seeking to expand their horizons. The market in Saudi Arabia, still in the early stages of exploring renewable energy, presents a promising area for innovation and investment.   Saudi Arabia’s […]

Step-by step process for expanding your British franchise into the Middle East

There’s no doubt the Middle East is a global business hub that attracts hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs, providing them with the incentives and the facilities required to establish a successful franchise. The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc. are some of the top countries for business franchises in the world. Why? Well, they provide entrepreneurs […]

Things you need to know when relocating to the Uk as an investor

It’s safe to say that starting a franchise business is comparatively less risky than launching a new business. However, you’ll need to first understand how to start, where to look for the right franchise opportunities and invest in a successful brand. So, don’t be too relaxed because relocating to the UK as an investor isn’t […]