Admire British brands? Considering bringing one into your country in the Middle East, but unsure about the best investment opportunities?
We can help you.
Examples of successful British brands operating across the Gulf include…

Our vast knowledge of the UK franchise sector means we can advise you on the most appropriate brands for your business aims, vet them for viability and integrity, and introduce you to the UK owners.

We assess every UK franchise that we present to entrepreneurs, mitigating your risk when investing in a British brand.

We don’t just broker a license sale; depending on the resources you have available, the team at One World will provide an ongoing holistic package of support to help you with the roll out of the brand, from recruitment of franchisees to marketing to operations – we can be with you for the journey.

If you are located in the Middle East and interested in owning a British brand in your country, please get in touch to discuss the range of opportunities we can present to you.

“James showcases a strong blend of strategic insight and sales expertise in franchise development. His talent for nurturing client relationships and advancing business growth is both notable and effective.”

Ian Parry, Managing Director, Trulawn.

Why Choose One World?

Why Choose One World?

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