A group of countries in the Middle East with both wealth and an appetite for investment, the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and Egypt are looking to cement themselves as the best places to live, visit and do business in the world.
Largest Arab population, rapidly growing consumer market.

Key sectors: agriculture, manufacturing, services. Strategic Suez Canal influence.

Government reforms to attract foreign investment.
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia:
GCC's largest economy, high consumer spending.

Key sectors: energy, tourism, retail.

Vision 2030 driving economic diversification. Young, tech-savvy population.
Economy diversifying beyond oil.

Growth in tourism, logistics, manufacturing. Young, increasingly educated population.

Government initiatives to boost entrepreneurship and foreign investment.
Diverse, innovative economy.

Global business hub, high GDP per capita.

Major sectors: tourism, finance, trade.

Strong infrastructure, expat-friendly.
World's richest per capita, major LNG exporter.

Hosting 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Significant investments in infrastructure, finance, and technology.

Business-friendly environment.
Regional financial services leader, liberal business environment.

Strategic location in the Gulf, robust banking sector.

Government initiatives supporting startups and SMEs.
High income, oil-dominated economy.

Growing focus on finance, healthcare, education sectors.

Young population, government investment in diversification.

There is a well-publicised diversification from oil and gas revenues, with the GCC offering incentives for international brands in a marketplace that promises incredible growth opportunities – evidenced by what the UAE have achieved in Dubai this past 20 years!

There is a huge appetite, love and respect of British brands and their heritage presenting exciting opportunities in the Middle East. With One World as part of your power team, we can work together to set out a solid development plan, guide and support you as your franchise rolls out into these exciting markets.

Popular sectors include, but are by no means limited to:

Food & Beverage

Home Services




Home Care


Family Services

Engage our experienced and well-connected team to assess the potential of the opportunity for you to expand your franchise network into the Middle East.

We can help you identify the most appropriate and lucrative territories for your brand, highlight any cultural sensitivities, and recruit the right franchisees and investors to facilitate your expansion.

We begin with a strategy session to outline the entire process, discuss its complexities, and listen to your ambitions; then provide you with a detailed feasibility report.

If you decide to proceed, we can be with you for the journey, our guidance evolving as you progress. We can provide as much or as little ongoing support as you require, from locating appropriate investors to helping roll
out the brand and overseeing operations in GCC countries and Egypt.

We will only work with brands where all parties are content the opportunity is feasible.

Middle East Expansion Feasibility Study

Planning, resourcing & budget stage

Implementation project launch & management

Recruitment and roll out

Ongoing ops support & brand protection

“James has a proven aptitude for franchise sales and business development, his excellent negotiation skills blended with the ability to understand market insights, should greatly assist clients in driving growth”

David Hunt, Managing Director, TumbleTots.

Why Choose One World?

Why Choose One World?

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