Add a new lead generation source to your UK franchise recruitment: the team at One World can matchmake your brand with well- capitalised franchisees entering the UK on a business visa.

We work with clients in the Middle East who wish to relocate to the UK to open a business and appreciate that a franchise is one of the best ways to do so.

Our approach is one of longevity, providing as much or as little support as is required to the incoming franchisee to smooth their personal relocation and UK business journey.

Get set up with this exciting new franchisee recruitment channel to empower us to help you grow your UK network.

Franchisee Profiling Assessment

Promotional marketing in the Middle East

Prospect qualification and assessment

Introduction to franchisor's UK recruiter

Support of franchisee resettling in UK

“James showcases a strong blend of strategic insight and sales expertise in franchise development. His talent for nurturing client relationships and advancing business growth is both notable and effective.”

Ian Parry, Managing Director, Trulawn.

Fee structure

As would be expected, the vast majority of our income for this service is derived as a commission fee once the new franchisee has been successfully recruited. However, uniquely, we offer staggered invoicing to further demonstrate our commitment to supporting all parties for their journey.

Why Choose One World?

Why Choose One World?

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