Starting your business in the UK is hard, we make it easy. 

Whether you need business registration, banking solutions, lawyers and accountants, fundraising or

personal services we can provide bespoke immigration concierge solutions for you and your business.

Set up a Business in the UK

Whether you're setting-up a business in the UK or registering your overseas business, The One World are positioned to help you navigate the process. This means that we plan, execute and complete all business formation and ongoing management arrangements, while you focus on what you do best – running your business.

Every client and business is unique. So all our clients are provided with a bespoke plan which covers everything from legal and visa compliance to banking and National Insurance application and registering with the police on arrival in the UK.

More than just a business formation service we have built a 360-degree immigration concierge UK dictated by the needs and wants of our clients.

In addition to providing comprehensive business immigration solutions and day-to-day assistance, we have teams in place to manage our client's personal needs – everything from Real Estate to Personal Assistance to Family Services to GP Registration. Our in-house experts help take care of every aspect of our clients’ lives, ensuring they are engaged and experience the absolute best that we have to offer. 

the one world

Why chose One World?

With extensive experience in managing or starting a business and individuals relocating to the UK, we create a bespoke and personalised service especially created around you and your business.

Personal Service

Our clients receive a highly tailored service that is proactive and pre-empts their business and immigration needs. Each recommendation and booking is specific to each individual client. There is no right solution for everyone, but there is a right solution for you.

Immigration focused

Unlike other concierge companies we aren't just focused on lifestyle. We focus on business and their executives who have immigration requirements.

Expertise. Access to knowledge

We are the UK business and Immigration experts and we know the system inside out. Our clients rely on us to keep them up to date.

Professional Network

Our network across the globe will ensure that we can get you what you like within the specified time and we ensure that our team attend to your every need around the clock. No matter what time zone you are in.

Convenience. Save Time

We offer one point of contact for all of our clients. This allows you to carry on with your day without disturbance. And we’ll save you the most precious commodity: time.

Business focused

We work with businesses that are interested in operating out of the UK. We do not offer a corporate solution as an aside but it's our bread and butter.

Our Insights

We are the Business behind the Business

The One World invites you to escape the ordinary and enter into the extraordinary world offered through bespoke immigration concierge services for business and individuals immigration concierge clients.

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