Each year, trends come and go and businesses need to be prepared for this. Using the trends to your advantage will help your business thrive and grow. Using these below trends will benefit your business as the viral aspect of trends will broaden your audience and bring the customers to you.

1. Remote Working

Since the pandemic, working from home has been on a steady increase. Many businesses kept open and running from allowing their workers to work from home, this obviously does not work for all companies, however various office based businesses were saved from their workers being remote. Even now that the lockdowns are over and offices are open, some employers saw the benefits of remote working and kept it in place. Since December 2021, on average 30% of employees within the UK are still working from home. Hybrid working has also increased, where the shifts of work are split between office and home. This gives a better morale with staff where some companies are offering a choice for their employees on which days they would prefer to work from home. Although this is a great choice for most businesses there is a downside and that is building costs. If you are paying for a large office/ site that you had before the pandemic to house your staff, paying for the rent now with less or no staff is a waste of money. So as an employer you need to choose whether or not to bring your staff in or to downsize your office/ site.

2. WEB 3

Rather than the web we know, Web3 will be decentralised rather than being controlled by governments and big corporations. This will help creatives within business thrive because the merging of Web3 with no-code solutions has the potential to open up new doors in the creator economy. Furthermore, no-code technology allows “non-techies” to show off their skills at entrepreneurship by providing a representation and strong service that were previously only open to users or teams with above average technological expertise. The use of Web3 resources and ideas in (re-)shaping the creative economy are unknown at this time, one interesting trend to watch in 2022 is the application and implications of Web3 in helping the creator economy.

3. Social Media

As much as social media is not a 2022 trend, there are certain social media platforms that are thriving in 2022 and can bring a massive audience to your business:

  • Tiktok

Tiktok is a huge platform on social media with over 1 billion users in over 150 countries. The reach of this platform is astronomical and is an easy and quick way to advertise your business. If you follow the trends on the app and even the trending audios you can use these to make the video work for you. This way viewers of this app, whether in the UK or around the world will be able to see your business in a way they are used to viewing. This can bring revenue online as well from international customers if a website store is something your business has.

  • Instagram

As Facebook becomes used less, instagram is still a large platform that is being used and thriving. This is another simple and quick way to advertise your business. You can make your own business page with links to your site and address of your shop. You can find and follow targeted audiences and promote your business to them through posts, stories, reels and personal messages.

Making Changes after Covid

The pandemic saw worldwide lockdowns and business closures. There were a few companies still able to stay open and run their business, however many had to put their company on halt along with their customers. The industries that took the biggest hit were hospitality, retail and tourism etc, industries that rely on face to face customer service. Even though it looks like lockdowns and shops closing have become a thing of the past, the knock on effects will still have an impact on businesses. Inflation has returned with fury, current levels within Europe have increased by 4-5% since before covid, these increases are difficult to control and maintain once they start. Protectionism has also risen, where governments are taking care of their own countries’ economies before anyone else’s, this means large trade agreements with other countries could be less in the near future. Running a business has never been harder and you need to adapt to these changes as it looks like these current conditions will persist. Labour shortages, geopolitical changes and more knock on effects will pressure businesses to adopt new ways of surviving to help their business grow. What you do depends on your company and or what product you sell. You will have to look into the changes that affect your business and the best way to conquer these and thrive. These changes may also prepare you for another pandemic, if the future brings one.

Using one or all of these 2022 trends will only help your businesses. Trends are there to be used as soon as you can before another one takes its place. Being prepared for each year’s news trends will only boost your business, this is the best way to promote your business to targeted audiences and beyond. The One World is a concierge business that will be able to keep you up to date with the latest trends for your business and help you to utilise them to your advantage.

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