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One World bridges the gap between established UK franchises and the lucrative Middle East market. We deliver market expertise, investor introductions, and comprehensive support for successful partnerships.

Our Services

We specialise in connecting franchise businesses based in the UK with business opportunities in the Middle East.

Our mission is to facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships between UK businesses and investors in the Middle East.

Franchise Expansion into the Middle East

One World helps UK franchises strategically establish themselves in the wealthy and growing markets of the Middle East. We provide market analysis, cultural and legal guidance, territory selection, and matchmaking with franchisees and investors.

Franchisee Recruitment from the Middle East

One World connects UK franchises seeking expansion with well-capitalized businesses or individuals from the Middle East looking to invest in and relocate to the UK.

Holistic Support Services

One World offers ongoing guidance, including strategy development, operational support, and cultural sensitivity management, throughout the entire expansion or relocation process.

There is a well-publicised diversification from oil and gas revenues, with the GCC offering incentives for international brands in a marketplace that promises incredible growth opportunities – evidenced by what the UAE have achieved in Dubai this past 20 years!

There is a huge appetite, love and respect of British brands and their heritage presenting exciting opportunities in the Middle East. With One World as part of your power team, we can work together to set out a solid development plan, guide and support you as your franchise rolls out into these exciting markets.

Popular sectors include, but are by no means limited to:

Food & Beverage

Home Services




Home Care


Family Services

Why Choose One World

Local Knowledge and Networks

With offices in London, Egypt, and Riyadh, we have strong local understanding and connections.

Deep Expertise

We are the only company solely focused on UK-Middle East franchise connections, offering decades of combined experience.

Professional and Tailored Approach

Led by an experienced London lawyer and UK Franchise specialist, The One World offers a discreet, tailored approach to suit each client.

Start Your Expansion Journey

Connect with our experts to map your path to success in the Middle East.

A custom roadmap to expansion

Your personalised path to franchise success in the Middle East.

Customised Expansion Roadmap

Your strategic blueprint for a successful Middle East venture.



Sarah Williams

Director, FitLife Gyms

“One World’s Customized Expansion Roadmap was essential for our entry into the Middle East. Their in-depth market analysis and strategic guidance gave us the confidence to make informed decisions. We highly recommend their services for any UK franchise looking to expand.”

Your personalised path to franchise success in the Middle East.

Our Customised Expansion Roadmap is more than just

a study – it’s your strategic blueprint for a successful

Middle East venture.

Analyze Market Potential

Conduct thorough research on market potential, competitor landscape, and consumer preferences, specifically tailored to your franchise.

Develop Entry Strategy

Guidance on the most viable expansion model (master franchise, direct franchising, joint venture, etc.) based on your business and market conditions.

Legal & Regulatory

Ensure compliance with local laws and regulations for a smooth setup, operation, and long-term success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Franchises with a strong brand, proven model, and adaptability to local markets thrive in the Middle East. Sectors like food & beverage, retail, education, and services often see success.
What are the key legal and regulatory hurdles to be aware of when expanding to the Middle East?

Yes! Our network and matchmaking services are core to our offering. We identify potential partners who align with your franchise’s goals and values.

We offer transparent pricing based on the scope of services you require. After an initial consultation, we provide a customized quote with no hidden fees.

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Director, Legal

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UK Franchise Specialist

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