Our ethos is of absolute integrity and we are committed to delivering holistic solutions, tailored to each client and supporting them throughout their journey. Operating from our offices in London, Egypt and Riyadh, our team are extremely well connected across the entire Gulf region.

Whether you are in the UK looking to expand, or in the Middle East looking to invest in British franchise businesses (at home or over in the UK) please get in touch with the team at One World.

Why choose the team at One World?

We are unique in being the only company that entirely specialises in linking businesses in the UK with the Middle East.

Omar Shams leads the team, a London Lawyer by trade with over a decade of direct experience linking British businesses with the Middle East. Setting a professional and discrete culture, he is an energetic very well-connected gentleman of absolute integrity. He splits his time between his base in London and offices in Egypt and Riyadh.

Heading up International Franchise Development is James Thomlinson, with over a decade of experience in business and franchising, a highly motivated and precise professional.

Why choose One World?

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